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Until 1 month after birth, babies show the unconscious response against the strong light. But after 1 month, the response against the impulsion of the sight, tactile and auditory sense becomes the conscious response.

Babies can focus on the object within 20~30Cm and catch it using hands.

And they are surprised to hear a loud voice or they respond to mom ' s voice as the babble sometimes. Therefore it is effective for babies ' intellectual growth at this time to play with the black and white toy enable to give an impulse to the sight sense and auditory sense.

The form of babble becomes various, and babies show the sensitive response against the high and low of a voice and a tone color. Sometimes they laugh with a loud voice.

They can keep their neck steady and turn their body. In case of the fast-growing babies, they start crawling from 5 month old. From this time they look around the environment positively and their curiosity is getting more.

At this time the basic of a cranial nerve is set and the brain grow well. So please give an impulse to the five senses as the interested and various toys.

And they like to approach whatever they hold to their mouths so the toys must be confirmed whether the material is non-poison and safe or not.

Babies can crawl quickly and move in the room freely. They can toddle leaning against the furniture and mom ' s hand. As the growth of body and intellectual is well, they express to like and dislike clearly and can speak simple baby language such as โ€œ umma โ€ , โ€œ mamma โ€

At this time we can regard the hands as the second brain to babies because the movement of hands affects the growth of their brain. So please let them to play with the toys enable to move their hands more exquisite.

They learn the language and are interested in a certain situation or various object.

So they grow their observation and intelligence through the touch something or other.

The while mom helped babies play. But from now they can handle toys by themselves and experience the accomplishment.

To build up with the bright color blocks is good playing material for development of concentration, creativity, contemplation, concept of number, problem-solving skills and accomplishment.

Self-assertion becomes strong at this time.

The question become more and more when they play, and they would like to do something by self-centeredness

The motivation of studying is prosperous and the combination between eyes and hands becomes better so the creativity is developed.

The simple playing material can develop the language, the number and the concept of science. The role-playing toy and the active exercise toy can play with same age kid are helpful.