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To stack up + to fall down
Stack up the blocks and fall down freely.
Please choose the wooden blocks during playing stack and fall with the projection blocks

To find the color
Please put the same color block on the color paper.
It help to develop the discriminating power of the color and the combination between eyes and hands.

To stack as the shape of the stair
Please up and down between the blocks after stacking big blocks as the shape of the stair.
Children learn the concept of up and down with their accomplishment.

To cross over the colorful block
Please make the long obstruction with big blocks and set the order as red, blue, yellow and so on.
Please lead children to cross over the same color block with asking to children as โ€œ Which color bridge do we cross over? โ€
It helps to grow the big muscle and develop the sense of balance.

Please play domino with children after standing up blocks at regular intervals.
With standing up the blocks, they can improve the concentration. With seeing the blocks are falling down, they can feel the accomplishment.

To make a figure
Let ' s make a figure such as the various color triangular, sided figure and so on to insert blocks into the big plate.
After they are familiar with making a figure, Let ' s try a letter play and a number play.

To stack as tower highly
Let ' s make the highest tower children can stack up the blocks.
It is important not to fall down the tower by using the blocks have 4 projections more.
Comparing between the height of toy children like and the surrounding thing and the height of the block tower, develop their discretion.

To fall down bowling pin
Make a bowling pin with the blocks. Let ' s fall down the block pins with rolling a ball.
After changing the length, the intervals and the number of pins, let ' s play.
The attention and the concentration can be developed.

After making a house or zoo with the blocks, let ' s play a role-playing with the human-being shaped blocks.
You had better to use the another item not a block.

To stack as the various shaped tower
Let ' s make the new shaped towers such as a big head tower, a fat tower and a wide bottom tower.
Children can recognize the center of weight and what kind of towers fall down easily.