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A lot of blocks.
Normally the size of the product case depends on the number of the blocks. If possible, the big one is better.
If the shape and size of blocks are various, children ' s imagination would be enriched

Use the various material and the different shaped blocks together.
It is good to use the different sized blocks. And to use the various color blocks is good too.

A wide space for the play with the blocks.
It is good to supply a room can use widely for the play with the blocks.
If the space is small, children can ' t play freely.
So the small place to play isn ' t good to develop children ' s imagination.

Don ' t show the completed structure image to children.
The one of the advantage of blocks is unlimited creation. To make something with the various blocks is good for the develop children ' s IQ. But if children know the completed structure, it disturbs their imagination.

Give children praises and a lot of question about the block structure they made.
Children like to name the block structure. At this time please don ' t say โ€œ it ' s wrong โ€ , โ€˜ it ' s strange โ€ . The structure made by their imagination. So it is necessary to ask about their motivation of the making the structure. And if they say about their idea, it is good to praise as the exaggerated language.

Good for the development of creation and thinking.
At first please follow the included instruction then make the structure by children ' s imagination. Through thinking about the way to make, they can develop their creation and thinking.

Good for develop of the body.
During using the blocks, the hands and fingers are used. So the combination between eyes and hands will be developed through the stacking up. And through the modification of the space of blocks, the perception of the space will be developed.

Learning the concept of mathematics and science.
It is not too much to say that the block is the mathematics and science. Please separate the blocks by the size, shape and color. The ability of the perception and classification will be developed and the ability of setting an order will be improved through the putting from the shortest block to the longest block in order.

Good for the development of the emotion.
hildren feel the joy, accomplishment and satisfaction when they complete the structure by themselves.
Even though the making the structure is not doing well as following their mind, they can learn how to make it again.